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CANE Seminars


Complex, Asymptomatic, Novel Emergent Disease

organized by TETRAD Institute

We begin this series in 2020 with the

COVID-Plus Series

The focus is upon SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19, and related diseases and medical conditions

[1] HERO --- Health Emergency Resource Optimization

Coordination of: Resource Information Coordination, Transport (all tasks) between sharing institutions, Instrument Maintenance, especially Cleaning and Repair, Backup Communications, especially Follow-Through

[2] Pulmonary-Cardio Complications and Alerts in COVID and Comparable infectious Diseases


[3] Ethnic, Cultural and Epigenetic Dimensions of COVID+ Public Health Response

Review of what we know from COLVID-19 and earlier epidemics and what we can do in the immediate as well as long-term future to imnprove trhe situation worldwide of medically disadavanged and impaired populations.

[4] Mobilizing the Diagnostics and the Health Intel (MedAtrium)

Introduction to the MedAtrium mobile reconfigurable multi-diagnostics laboratory.

[5] Achieving Total Information Awareness (TIA) We Can All Live With Comfortably and Enjoy (Eyrie)

Privacy is a paramount consideration for everyone. Accurate and complete information of value in maki ng identificatrion of positive-infections and predictable tracing of contagion and future infection is paramount importance for everyone. We can achieve both and the Eyrie system is one open-access system that enables this today.

[6] VESID - An Approach to Enhancinbg Prophylactic Medicine and Vaccine Resilience in the Face of Viral Mutability

Introduction to the VESID research program underway at IRI (Intelligence Renaissance Industries).

[7] Pediatric Challenges with COVID and other novel Viral Diseases


[8] Neurological Disease and Viral Pandemics - the Biological and Social Concerns


We are in the process of confirming speakers. The seminars will be both online and onsite. Oneline will be through a combination of media including Zoom, Viber, whatsApp and Hangouts for access. Speakers are confirming their presentations. Onsite locations will be prepared and announced, accordingly.

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